10 October 2013

Picture Albom

So, I love his sentimentality,
it's a reality with which I deal daily.
Many losses and defections,
derelictions and deflections
bring some regrets. But you can bet
the pitch that Mitch proffers,
offers some food for hungry thought.
I ought to grip bootstraps and pull,
but you'll never see me flee what to me
are precious memories; sentimentalities. 
Who would be my Morrie?
Which five people would fill my afterlife dance card?
What would one day more portend?
How can I pretend to have a little faith
when people never stick around long enough
to show the possibilities; memories, sentimentalities?
I can envision my life through these tender vignettes,
it gets me misty to look through this picture book,
this photo Albom of my arrival. In all,
it aids in my survival, these sentimentalities.
These are memories of my realities.

© JPW - 2013

POETS UNITED - Verse First: Writers Are Lovers


  1. This is very clever and you worked in all of his titles. I love Mitch Albom's work too, so much. Great messages.

  2. You have presented a very concise admiration for this author... I am not familiar with him, but know more about him now!!!


  3. Which five people would fill my afterlife dance card?
    Wow. That's quite a poser!

    1. I know Laurie! I struggle with that conundrum myself!

  4. very clever Joseph
    Albom sounds like quite the whirlwind writer

    1. Yes. He weaves a tale. Apparently, I'm behind a book, and another is ready to be released. Thanks for stopping by.


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