28 August 2013


The soul has no windows,
as far as I can see.
But the truth has a heart,
and getting to the heart of the truth
takes a lot of belief
and a bit of faith.
Your ears will hear
what your eyes will not receive.
Do not trust your eyes,
for you realize that the soul
of a person rests in the eyes of truth.
Why didn't I see that before?

© JPW 2013

Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer - Vision - Prompt 234


  1. interesting thoughts..though I am inclined to embrace that the soul has windows (^_~) I also like your concept of the heart having eyes of truth for indeed it is the honesty of character that distinguishes a person.

  2. That is exactly right, Dorianna! Thank you for your observation and for visiting my blog.


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