29 August 2013


My Music:
Give me a song with a beat,
make my feet move
to a groove I can dance to;
take a chance to find
romance too, if I’ve a mind to.
Melody matters; lyric flatters,
I can’t carry a tune for shit,
but if it’s a hit I can fake it
as long as you can take it.
Give me a song with a beat.

My Team,
is a nightmare, dressed as a dream,
conforming to sports passion
with the team’s current fashion.
Anything for a buck,
and it’s just my luck -
we’re still in contention
for dishonorable mention.
I swallow my pride,
don my paper bag and hide.
Give out a cheer, “There’s always next year!”

My Meter Is Running.
This muse of mine
works just fine. 
But I laugh and I scoff
because I can’t turn it off.
I can fill any form
and make my words swarm
but, a terse verse
keeps repeating on me.
It can only get worse,
when hooked on poetry.

 © JPW 2013

Poets United -Verse First ~ Original Obsessions
(Three of your obsessions as three stanzas of your poem)


  1. Excellent little poem about your obsessions. Very well penned. While I do share your love for music and poetry, I am afraid that all manner of sports elude me. Great piece, and thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thanks Justin, and you're welcome in the same breath. Sports is the leech from my youth that just won't let go.

  2. Beautiful, love the flow and loved the last stanza :)

    1. I appreciate the comment and the visit. Thanks.

  3. ha. its easy to get hooked on poetry....and it never stops...that is for sure....so who is your team? not going to be a good year for mine so i will hold out hope for the next as well...and music is def a big part of my life...

    1. There's no weaning off of the worded beastie, that's for sure! All I can say is "Just Show up, Baby!" I'm thinking of hanging up the cape and Vader helmet and attending games in a shirt and tie as a show of protest. Thanks, Brian.

  4. I like this very much!! Of course, as a poet as well, my favorite stanza is the last! I like especially "I can fill any form and make my words swarm!" Nice effort all around.

    1. Thank you Mary! I have come to rely on your support so quickly. It means a lot to my poetic development.

  5. Whimsical and fun to read. I love the music stanza especially.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Sherry. We walk to our our background music. In a way, poets are closet musicians. We make great lyricists, anyway!

  6. Very enjoyable to read & love your title!

  7. These are excellent I can really feel your passion =) I love music and obviously poetry!

  8. It's hard not to, mlm. Poems without passion are just a jumble of words. Thank you for the comment!


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