04 September 2013


Molten heat, flesh dripping
with the perspiration of passion's fire.
Crimson patches with crusted edges;
blisters of the resistant strain of hearts
more to ignite and burn in sacrifice;
the stench of charred skin,
a blood offering to the gods who pander
to  longing. 
The pyre broils unbridled, arms out-
s  t  r  e  t  c  h  e  d and reaching to
breach the ford between
love and lust. A bridge.
It is what is, from the sanctuary
of solitary souls. Barren.
No one watches,
no one sees from whence smoke rises.
becomes my affliction,
setting myself ablaze for adulation's sake,
an implosion of inward emotions laid bare.
And there, where only ash remains
a powdered stain where once hearts conjoined.

© JPW 2013

POETS UNITED - Verse First - Right Under Your Nose


  1. Wow. Such strong images throughout. The bridge between lust and love can be wobbly at times.

  2. Very strong and a powerful piece!

  3. Exceedingly graphic metaphor that makes the reader consider the depth and breadth of passion. Details abound! Nice response to the prompt.

  4. Strong write which sounds it could apply equally to love and war........which isnt so far off, sometimes (smiles). I especially like the blood offering to the gods.

  5. fiery words, images with so strong passion........a powerful write up.....

  6. "a powdered stain where once hearts conjoined"....great piece, Joseph!


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