20 September 2013


Your eyes are deceiving you
and your heart believes that you
are seeing what it wants you to!

It is her that you see, a vision
in misty faded wisps. You envision
beauty with beholding eyes, indecision

fills your mind, your pulse races
and your can swear her faces is
hidden in remarkable places.

You blame the lateness of night,
you blame your meal, the light
and try as hard as you might,

you cannot erase her.
You cannot replace her
and God forbid you deface her 

memory. You could swear she is there,
her perfume, the smell of her hair
a gentle hand gracing your shoulder to repair

the loss you feel. It seems so real
and you thought you could deal
with it, but you continue to feel

her presence near.
She is right here,
and you’re not clear

if you want this mirage to stop haunting 
you, the task of waiting till mourning is daunting. 
You reach to touch what is not there, leaving you wanting.

© JPW - 2013


  1. Wow, you have really written this well....to feel a presence that is not there, though you sense it is there so strongly, is amazing!

    1. Thanks Mary ! Sometimes that inspiration haunts you! I appreciate your support

  2. once they are gone...we see them everywhere...their image always haunting us...def sadness with this one....

    1. Melancholy memory at the very least, Brian. We see what we wish to see!

  3. This poem really speaks to my heart. I tend to believe the loved one is nearby, given the bonds are so strong. I totally get the confusion about whether a person finds this comforting or haunting. A powerful poem.

    1. I appreciate that very much Sherry! Thank you!

  4. heartfelt words and a sense of loss all through........

    1. Sumana, losses are gone forever. Memories stay with you. These are memories. Thanks for the encouragement!


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