17 September 2013

Little White Lai

At Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer, Robert offers the poetic form, Lai. About it he writes:

 "This time, we’ll be writing the lai, a nine-line French form that utilizes the following “a” and “b” rhyme scheme: aabaabaab. The “a” rhyme lines have five syllables, the “b” lines offer two."

Poetic Truth

When poets brainstorm
they look for a form
to try.
And just when they’re warm,
they fail to conform
and sigh.
Nine lines are the norm
attempting this form,
no Lai!

 © JPW – 2013

Discontented Winter

He stood by the trees
with snow to his knees
all white.
And the winter breeze
blew and made him freeze,
all night.
When he’d start to sneeze
he gave his disease
a fight!

© JPW – 2013


So, love conquers all?
We’re over the wall,
and win.
We hear the heart call
from way down the hall,
a din!
We waver; we stall,
It’s how hard we fall,
a sin!

 © JPW – 2013


Edward had a dream
but what did it mean?
Who knew?
A part of a scheme
at twilight’s last gleam,
it’s true!
It just didn’t seem
that Edward’s bad dream
was through!

© JPW – 2013


  1. I like the message of your poem JPW and really love the layout, creative

  2. You certainly know your way around a Lai! You did a great job with this form. I'm struggling a bit. Maybe if I had more coffee ...

    1. That's what got me going, Susan! Hot, black and plenty of it! Thanks for the uplift!

  3. I am rubbish at the theory..but i know i love Edward's dream..know how he feels!

  4. All are great, but I especially like the first one.


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