26 September 2013

Farewell to Oz

Standing as three, worn and forlorn,
for at morning’s first light, your flight
will have flown. Had I thought goodbyes
would be this hard, I would have just
sent a card. I won’t get all fuzzy and warm,
that’s the coward’s way. I can’t get
all stiff and cold – no heart of tin,
what can I say? My head’s not in it. I rise,
I fall sleep and dream that this technicolor
existence would persist once we’ve kissed
and waved adieu. But it is you who is going,
your gingham flowing and throwing caution
to the wind, you set adrift. I’ll just make
the jaundiced journey back to where I belong.
The walk will be long without you beside me.
But you’ve hung me out to dry, so to hell
with goodbye! Hit the brick road.
That goes for your little dog, too!
I hate green!

© JPW - 2013

Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer - "On the Road..." Prompt #238

Poets United: Poetry Pantry #169


  1. ha. a rather typical emotional response there in the end...anger when we are hurt but their turn away....nice touch on OZ

    1. Thanks Brian. I usually get "Pay no attention to the man behind the poem!"

  2. Goodbyes are always hard ~ I like how you set the time & story at the end ~ Each our own way, I say ~

  3. This is a strange mystical kingdom where everything is in italics... And the poem's nice, too.

    1. I just go with the flow Nissa! Thankfully it flows nicely, Thank you!

  4. Your narrator expresses well the conflicting emotions of goodbyes.........

  5. I can understand the anger in the end ... it's hard to say goodbye amicably. This is honest and real. Great write :)

    1. Unfortunately, It sounds more real when you go through it a couple times. Thanks for stopping by, Loredana!

  6. sometimes it's hard to say goodbye but the best thing, in retrospect. powerful words.

  7. Very gripping piece and yes its hard to say good bye

    1. Sometimes, yes it's true. Others, not so much! ;) Thanks Vandana!


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