03 September 2013

Gutenberg's Dilemma

Some said Johannes had a hole in his head,
well hidden by his floppy hat.
It was a matter of time before sparks would fly
and the public would come to doubt his process
(which held little sway with the monks
who would shoot their mouths off while
slaving over their hot feathery quills). Still,
his press would revolutionize the way
information was spread, relegating
hand scribing to a lost art. Surely, printing
had its flaws early on! The pages stayed wet
and smudged by the inky residue on Gutenberg’s
hands. Experiments with scarlet pigments gave
his pages a splash of color. And soon, Johannes’
“press” was close to working like a well-oiled machine.
Gutenberg’s quandary was this: should he call
his contraption a true printing press or a real screw job?


  1. This is such a great take on the words, Jeep. It's so fun to see how they suggest such different ideas to each of us.

  2. Clever work, Jeep. Your wordplay is fantastic! I wonder what the old quill writers would think about commenting on other people's poems through a cell phone. ha!

  3. Oh, I love this!! What a wonderful take on these words and suddenly the words all make sense together! Thank!

  4. heh heh! That was fun and nicely put together.

  5. Yes, excellent wordplay here, Jeep.

    late making the rounds this week.


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