04 September 2013

Front Porch

Swinging, gently undulating
in the rhythm of a summer daze.
Peace bleeds through the open
fields of thought bringing a calm
that envelops. Ice melts in cool
rivulet condensation from tumbler
to side table. Flags in rapid flutter
seem to whisper in patriotic tones;
loyalty traverses every breath.
Birds in audition, warble and twit,
congruous and unpretentious.
Butterflies pursued by wide-eyed
children of wonder. And under
the overhang, hornets gang enmass
protection to a point. On the front porch,
wiling away the day in uninterrupted thought.

© JPW 2013

Poetic Asides by Robert Lee Brewer - Prompt # 235 - "Front" poem

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