29 September 2013

...Something Completely Different!

William of Surry
seemed in a hurry,
the Olde Fish Shoppe was fresh out of sturgeon.
He needn't have worried
his angst being harried
was quite out of place for a surgeon

Dr. Wm. took control,
he baited his pole
and from his fish boat he did fish,
four fish was his goal,
perch, halibut and sole
would make the most tasty of dish.

It's the early bird,
so William had heard
that gets all the worms, you see,
He thought that absurd
and quite for the birds
so he woke up at quarter of three.

William of Surry
his eyes somewhat blurry,
mistook a fat worm for his finger,
He hooked it, yes siree
his blood thick as slurry
assuring his pain would linger.

© JPW -2013

dVerse Poets Pub: Poetics– we’re writing to the artwork of Catrin Welz-Stein


  1. yikes...hoping it was not a barbed hook...those are a beast to get out...and will leave quite the mark...did not fish as much as i would have hoped this summer...maybe now that the weather is cooler i might get out there a bit more...there is just something about sitting on the banks...

  2. Ouch.. hmmm don't be in such a hurry me thinks!

    1. Don't take things so seriously me mights add, pandamonium!

  3. haha...what a fun take on the pic...thanks for the smile..oy... i hope he recovers... love that you wove in the proverb with the early bird as well

    1. The photo reminded me of those short inserts in the Monty Python Flying Circus. A terse tribute to the Pythons! Thanks Claudia!

  4. Very playful and ingenious write.
    A real smile found here.

  5. I thought this picture was difficult but you made it look easy. Nice rhyme and story

  6. Ha.. love how you hid the limericks with those rhymes of the first line.. playfully fun. Really quite awesome and could see this in a children's book -- yes sir


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