09 September 2013

Memoir of Me at Three

Clumsy kid always hid
in out of the way places.
Atop the refrigerator...
in the pigeon coop...
under the front porch...
I carried a torch for the girl
next door (she was much older)
all of four. Walks in the pram
holding hands and sleeping
together under the trees 
in the park. Afraid of the dark,
loved my mom and dad,
had a sister and two brothers
(with others in my future),
skinned knees and sutures.
A silent sort, never resorting to words
when a good hand gesture
would suffice. A very nice life
when I remember me at three.

© JPW 2013

Written for (but too late to submit) dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics: Try to Remember

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