11 September 2013

Running Late

She should have been here
fifteen minutes ago.
It was agreed we'd meet
in public so she wouldn't make a scene. 
Once the queen of my heart,
she has been relegated
to the upstairs maid.
It is said that time and tide
wait for no man, but 
I'll give her another fifteen. 
She must be running late.

She should have been here
half an hour ago.
She pleaded her apology
so I would agree to see
if her sincerity was worth
the time. I've been around
this bloc, and what's more
but you'd think I'd have learned.
I have been burned by her before.
Let's see if she shows another thirty or so.
She must be running late.

She should have been here.
I've waited for two hours.
These flowers are wilting
and it was working; her guilting 
me into seeing her. Sure, she was
special back there, but her sordid
affair has got me in knots.
Just a fool, drooling on his shirt.
If she wasn't such a flirt I'd say
hit the road; a bill of goods 
I've been sold. It's too late.

No call. No apology. 
The technology exists to reach me.
Is she trying to teach me... What?
Excuse me miss? Did you just blow a kiss?
"You've been watching for hours
and those flowers should be in a vase.
I was supposed to meet someone
at this place, but I've been stood up
by that dirty son-of-a-pup."
She smiled demurely. She was surely smitten.
I guess it's never too late!

© JPW - 2013


Poetic Asides - Prompt #236 - Appointment poem

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